ASTRO CUT EDM is a low odor dielectric fluid designed to offer superior performance, precise cuts and long life in a complete range of electrical discharge machining operations. ASTRO CUT EDM’s low viscosity allows better flushing of electrode gaps and rapid particle settling.

Product Data Sheet


ASTRO CUT EDM is suitable for all EDM operations, including roughing and finishing work.

Features & Benefits

  • High Flash Point (125°C/257°F)
  • For Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Rapid Cooling
  • Chlorine and Sulfur-Free
  • Operator Friendly
  • Clean Running
  • Long Lasting

Recommended Concentrations

ASTRO CUT EDM is intended to be used as received. NOTE: Do not mix ASTRO CUT EDM with water.

Typical Properties

Appearance-ConcentrateClear Colorless liquid
pa_odorVirtually odorless
pa_viscosity-cst-25f3 - 4.5 cSt
Specific Gravity @ 60°F0.83 ± 0.01
Lbs/Gallon6.9 ± 0.1
Flash point, PMCC257°F (125°C)