Additional Information

Semi-Synthetics & Micro Emulsions:
Less Than 30% Mineral Oil Content in Concentrate & the Concentrate Contains Water. Dilution Appears Translucent

Leaves oily film on machine and parts for protection.

  • Tend to reject tramp oils
  • Very stable emulsion, long lasting
  • Better cooling allows higher cutting speeds
  • Semi-synthetics offer the best of both technologies; soluble oils and synthetics
  • Semi-synthetics emulsions offer micro size oil droplets that have advantages in single point turning applications where optimal cooling and less lubrication is required
  • Our semi-synthetics are ideal for powdered metals that when cut don’t create chips but rather sand-like swarf that can clog filters and form sump clinkers. Monroe’s semi-synthetics are great for cast iron machining and grinding applications
  • Semi-synthetic coolants are great for cleanliness and workpiece visibility

Soluble Oils:
Greater Than 30% Mineral Oil & No Water in Concentrate. Dilution Appears Milky & Not Translucent

More economical than straight or neat oils; dilution with water lowers cost without sacrificing a great deal of tooling effectiveness.

  • Soluble oils cool 2 to 3 times better than straight oils
  • Emulsions of soluble oils are very versatile and can be used in most machining and grinding applications on a wide variety of materials
  • Soluble oils have better health and safety aspects with respect to the shop environment vs. straight oils; no fire hazard, reduced oil misting and fogging
  • Of all the water extendible metal removal fluids, soluble oils are the most forgiving of concentration fluctuations and poor management
  • Residues created by soluble oils are generally oily and not sticky

Neat Oils

Made up primarily of naphthenic or paraffinic base oils with extreme pressure additives such as chlorine, sulfur and fats. Neat oils will not emulsify with water nor do they contain any water. Neat oils are typically used in Swiss Style Screw Machines, Deep/Gun Drilling applications, EDM and Threading and Grinding applications.

Synthetic Coolants:
Do Not Contain Any Mineral Oil

Synthetics provide: Rapid heat dissipation.

  • Excellent workpiece visibility
  • Total rejection of tramp oils possible
  • Usually easy to measure and control concentration. Bacterial attack may be easier to control
  • Stable and potentially long-lasting
  • No oil mist problem; no oil disposal concerns
  • Easily filtered
  • Recycling or reclaiming is usually highly effective
  • Low consumption due to the fact that synthetics are true solutions with no droplet formation adding to carry off issues