Technical Support

Coolant Management



  • Concise easy-to-understand guide to coolant use and maintenance
  • Aid to troubleshooting coolant maintenance problems


  • Use this chart to track coolant condition as well as coolant and water additions.
  • Use a separate sheet for each machine.

Technical Services


TELE-CONSULTING- Lab personnel are available to answer questions regarding selection, application, safety, handling, and maintenance of all MONROE FLUID TECHNOLOGY products, including troubleshooting, assistance, and cross-referencing of competitive products.

COOLANT ANALYSIS-MONROE PRODUCTS- Monroe provides sample bottles, mailers, and preprinted return labels for routine analysis of in-use coolant samples at no charge. Analyses include biological activity, concentration, contaminant level, and pH, among others. Full reports with any recommended action are promptly forwarded to the customer.

Professional Associations

Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA)

The Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association has been the voice of member companies since 1948.  The members produce more than a quarter of the US supply of automotive fluids and lubricants, and three quarters of the the metalworking fluids used in the country.  ILMA serves as the industry voice to government and regulatory bodies, and serves an integral role to its membership through education and training opportunities.

Society for Tribology and Lubrication Engineering (STLE)

Monroe Fluid Technology is a member of the Society for Tribology and Lubrication Engineering (STLE). STLE is a professional technical society providing a selection of robust resources in technical research, education and professional development delivered through programming, courses, events and periodicals on topics most important to you: safety, energy usage, maintenance, natural resources, wear and productivity.

NetPlus Alliance

NetPlus Alliance is an industrial buying group that facilitates partnerships between distributors and manufacturers of industrial and contractor supplies.

Dust Control

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