First Certified Climate Neutral Metalworking Fluid Manufacturer in the USA

Our Commitment to Sustainability. Investing in Carbon Offsets, Drives Clean Energy in Developing Countries.

Solutions for Metalworking Applications

Your Single Source Supplier of a complete range of metalworking fluids, industrial cleaners and rust preventatives

Custom Blending

Monroe Fluid Technology Is Fully Capable To Meet Any Manufacturing Challenges And Can Meet Your Specifications Or Formulate A Product To Fit Your Particular Needs.

Private Label Blending

Monroe Fluid can provide your company with a complete or partial metalworking fluid product-line to meet your needs.

Cool Tool Products 

Get a FREE 4 OZ Sample of COOL TOOL II

Cool Tool II is the metalworking industry’s standard cutting and tapping fluid, first introduced in 1958. Cool Tool II is a USDA Certified 100% Biobased product. Cool Tool II is effective on all metals and does not contain 1,1,1, Trichlorethane.

Metalworking Coolants

Monroe Fluid Technology has a complete line of water extendable metalworking coolant. Our product line ranges from synthetic coolant for basic grinding and machining applications to highly fortified soluble oils for your most demanding applications.

Neat Cutting Oils

Our cutting products range from general purpose screw machine cutting oils to the latest technology light colored low odor machining oils. Whether you require a dual purpose or Swiss-style oil we have products to meet your needs.

Metal Forming Products

Our metal forming products include synthetic based water soluble to high viscosity high EP content neat oil products. Monroe Fluid also offers an extensive line of vanishing oil forming products.

Tapping Fluids

Cool Tool II has been a staple in the metalworking industry for over 50 years. This product along with complementary products, complete our tapping fluid line.

Cleaners / Rust Preventives

Our cleaner product line range from machine cleaning to parts washing products. Our complimentary rust preventatives range from typical solvent and oil based to more environmentally friendly water based products.

Dust Control

Our dust control product line consists of environmentally friendly water based polymer products as well as a versatile synthetic organic product for all your soil stabilization needs

Product Literature

Products represent a wide range of options for your machining and manufacturing needs.

Technical Support

Monroe Fluid Technology’s Technical Department is here to help you get the most out of your coolants.

Plant Tour

We are continuously improving and investing in our Hilton, New York manufacturing facility.

Contact Us

Monroe Fluid Technology welcomes all questions regarding the company and the metalworking fluids industry.

Monroe Fluid Technology

Is your Single Source Supplier of a complete range of metalworking fluids, industrial cleaners and rust preventatives. Our fluids offer advanced technology and are formulated to provide superior performance while complying with all OSHA and EPA regulations.

Located in Hilton, New York outside of Rochester, MONROE FLUID TECHNOLOGY has been manufacturing high quality specialty fluids for the metalworking industry since 1958.

We are proud that we have been ISO 9001 Certified since November, 1994. This testifies to our long standing commitment to providing the best possible products, service and delivery. Our #1 Goal is total customer satisfaction.