Toll Blending Services


can provide custom blending of metalworking fluids in our state-of-the-art production facility in Hilton, New York.

With a blending capacity from 500 to 50,000 gallons and packaging options ranging from pints to Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s) to tank wagons, we have the capability to meet your private blending, packaging and labeling needs.

This modern, multi-purpose plant has a fully staffed research laboratory. Our proven expertise and committment to quality make us ideally suited to produce your coolant formulation, either from your formula or one designed by our experts.

Our toll blending services at Monroe Fluid Technology allow customers to bring their custom formulated products to market quickly and in smaller batches than required by many competitors. We blend custom liquid and semi-solid products in batches as small as 500 gallons. Partial batches can be filled while the remainder is stored for later orders. This flexibility allows customer to pursue new revenue sources for their brand without large initial investments. Customers receive custom blending, packaging, filling, and labeling, all with no capital investment.

Blending services include cold and hot compound mixing to temperatures up to 250 ºF as well as multiple phase blending. Flammable products such as solvents and specialty adhesives can be mixed in 55 gallon drum batch sizes. Raw materials may be provided by the customer, or customers may opt to have us source products for blending. Deionized water is available for products requiring stringent purity standards, while filtered water can be used to reduce costs when possible. Virtually any personal care, household use, and lubricant product can be blended including shampoos, glues, and greases. Lead times are quoted on a job by job basis, depending on the availability of raw materials and production volume of the project.

For more information about our toll blending capability contact  Alan Christodaro, (Pres.) for more information or to arrange a tour of our manufacturing facility.