When the Covid-19 pandemic started last March, it impacted all of us in so many ways.  Travel restrictions, masks, hand washing, hygiene, barriers, social distancing, and lots of other inconveniences. Many sectors of the economy were severely impacted, and many people were furloughed or lost their income.  At Monroe Fluid Technology, we took a step back to see what we could do to support our employees, our customers/distributors, suppliers, and our communities.

Since the CDC along with state and local officials were focused on what individuals could do to stop the spread, there was a boom in demand for hand sanitizer.  We felt our best efforts were in sourcing hand sanitizer and surface sanitizer products to fill the huge gap between supply and demand, which seemingly happened overnight.  We supplied hand sanitizer to our distribution partners across the spectrum, both large companies and small.

We knew that those in our communities were having a difficult time, and wanted to see if we could be a small part of the solution.  Food Banks were extremely hard hit trying to provide for those in need.  Monroe Fluid Technology is not in the Food Business, but we knew that Hand Sanitizer would be in demand, and if we could offer free product to local relief agencies, that they could focus their efforts on feeding people instead of spending money on supplies.

We donated pallets of cases of Hand Sanitizer to Low Country Food Bank in Myrtle Beach, SC, the Myrtle Beach Chapter of the American Red Cross, and several agencies and churches in the Hilton/Rochester area of NY.  

The point is that you may not have the cash, you may not produce food-but if you want to help in a community crisis, you can find a way.  We salute all of the other companies and many of our competitors who found ways to help our neighbors during this pandemic.  It’s easy to play a part.