We Don’t Sell These Products, But Maybe We Should

In past blog posts and email newsletters, we have written about the importance of monitoring Coolant Concentration.  The following video is a commercial for Atago, a company that manufactures refractometers.  Yes, Atago is selling refractometers, but the underlying message on why it is important to monitor coolant concentrations are totally valid, and a regular routine of checking coolant concentrations is an effective way to help control costs.  There are other companies that make refractometers out there on the internet, but you could start with www.atago.net and gain some benefit from their video.

Partial Transcript:

Hi everybody! This is Taylor from Atago, Japan.

Today you’re joining me at the Atago factory in Saitama prefecture. I’ll be taking you through our metal working area to see a few of our different CNC machines and how we’re monitoring the concentration of metal working fluid with a few of our different instruments.

So let’s get started!

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