Time to Clean your CNC Machine?

Here is one way to do it when time is a factor during production and you may not have the luxury of shutting down a system for a long time to do a full clean out and re-charge. You’ll need Astro-Clean A.

  1. Add ASTRO-CLEAN A directly to old coolant at 2-5% of volume of sump.
  2. Run production 1-2 shifts to allow the built up residues to release from the most difficult to reach areas.
  3. Drain system. Remove solids. If using a sump sucker be sure to suction the top of the fluid first, this will pull all of the free tramp oils off first.
  4. Rinse sump and flush coolant lines. Remove rinse water. Another option to rinsing the machine with pure water is to make a weak dilution 1.5% concentration of the newly selected coolant as your rinse solution.
  5. Recharge machine with fresh coolant at suggested concentration ratio %.
  6. Circulate coolant pumps to achieve a good mix. Then get back to making parts.

ASTRO-CLEAN A is a low foam alkaline cleaner designed to remove process oils, gummy deposits of oil, grease, swarf, and normal shop soils from machine tools, floors, and other hard surfaces.

Overview: Primary application of ASTRO-CLEAN A is for cleaning machine tool coolant sumps & surfaces. May also be used for general cleaning with mop and bucket, auto scrubber, spray washer.