XBP SERIES – Extreme Biological Protection. You Need It. We Have It.

Our XBP enhanced line of water-extendible coolants and rust preventives were designed for the most difficult sumps, where even a biostable product may be subject to rancidity. The use of enhanced additive technology enables these products to provide extended biological stability and corrosion resistance in the working fluid.


  • Reduced biocide addition and better pH control from biostatic amine plus special biocide

  • Lower odor alkanolamines for pH buffering

  • Reduce or eliminate additions of biocide to systems

  • Eliminate addition of pH boosters

  • Eliminate odors from accumulation of biomass

  • Reduced biomass will reduce tendency for foaming since the polymeric components in the biomass can stabilize foam

  • Reducing biomass levels in coolant will reduce the possibility of sensitization from inhalation of coolant mist

  • Reduced coolant loss and consumption

  • Reduced coolant maintenance time Longer coolant life

  • Reduce the risk of skin irritation from biocide additions

  • Particularly targeted Health and Safety issues to avoid excessive use of biocides or other toxic components which have been widely used in formulating MW fluids

  • Components are stable and not subject to degradation or depletion, ensuring long system life. Formulated based on performance as a prime goal, with cost a secondary consideration

  • Available in oil-free synthetic, semi-synthetic and soluble oil formulations

Want To Give Our XBP Series a Shot?

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