Rust Preventatives

Rust is a problem, especially in the summer environment. Rust Preventatives like our ASTRO-KOTE C is a synthetic water-based rust inhibitor for in-plant rust protection on steel alloys. ASTRO-KOTE C was designed to prevent rust on mild steel parts between machining operations. It can also be used in the final rinse after soak, spray, or barrel tumbling operations. KOTE C does not leave oily films. ASTRO-KOTE C may be used as a supplementary rust inhibitor for use in water-soluble metalworking fluids.

We offer long-term Rust Preventatives too, like our ASTRO-KOTE LT. This is a solvent-based rust preventative coating designed to provide exceptional protection against rust and staining on ferrous materials. It’s also non-staining to a variety of non-ferrous metals, including aluminum, zinc, copper, and brass. ASTRO-KOTE LT may be used to protect castings, cast iron, steels, and packaged parts from rust. This product is intended to be used as received, with no mixing or dilution needed.
We offer other formulations for rust prevention, and would be happy to discuss your own needs, and offer a solution.  Free Trial material too!

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