Protecting Your Most Important Asset: CNC Operators

Protect the Operators You Have

The metalworking industry, like so many sectors of the American manufacturing industry, faces a shortage of skilled workers. While we are experiencing this shortage, there are ways to protect the operators you have: preventing potential worker safety and health issues should be a focus of management.
As a coolant manufacturer, we have a recommendation to assist you and help keep your employees on the job.

Maintain Proper Coolant Concentration

  • Concentrations that are too high can cause dermatitis and skin sensitivity issues.
  • Concentrations that are too low can allow for bacterial and fungal growth in the coolant causing a potential worker safety and health issue.

You can avoid potential problems for your operators with simple, quick coolant concentration checks. Using a sight glass type refractometer or a digital refractometer takes a minute or two at the most. We make the process even simpler by providing a Coolant Concentration Calculator on our website. Just take your brix reading, then go to: BRIX Calculator – Monroe Fluid, choose the product you are using, enter the Brix Reading, and the coolant concentration percentage pops up.

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Employees

There are other reasons to maintain proper coolant concentrations; tooling costs, finish and coolant disposal costs are among the most important considerations, but protecting your most valuable asset, your employees, is paramount to success. For further information, check our resources pages Technical Support – Monroe Fluid or give us a call at 800-828-6351.