MONROE VANISHING OIL 140 is an odorless, colorless, low-viscosity petroleum solvent-based product designed for light-gauge blanking, stamping or forming operations. MONROE VANISHING OIL 140 works well on ferrous and non-ferrous metals alike and is also highly suitable as a cutting fluid for glass and mirrors up to ½ inch thick. MONROE VANISHING OIL 140 evaporates rapidly, leaving a slight residue which in most instances may be painted over without the need for additional cleaning operations. A test application with the particular paint/coating in question is recommended.


MONROE VANISHING OIL 140 may be applied by dipping, brushing, spraying, rolling or any other convenient method.

Features & Benefits

  • Mild Odor
  • Fast Drying
  • Non Gumming
  • Leaves Transparent Film
Product Data Sheet