MONROE CUT 160 SF is a general purpose cutting and grinding oil designed for use in screw machines or other machining applications that require the use of neat cutting oils. MONROE CUT 160 SF can be used to machine the most difficult metals. It is formulated without the use of chlorinated additives, making it especially suited for machining titanium or its alloys.

Product Data Sheet


MONROE CUT 160 SF can be used for turning, broaching, grinding and other operations on most ferrous metals.This product should not be used on copper or its alloys due to the potential for staining.

Features & Benefits

  • Enhanced Oxidation Stability
  • Outstanding Lubricity for Superior Finishes
  • EP Additive for Enhanced Performance
  • Light color, low odor

Recommended Concentrations

Use MONROE CUT 160 SF as received. Do Not mix MONROE CUT 160 SF with water.

Typical Properties

pa_appearanceAmber liquid
pa_sulfur-content-wt1.0 – 2.0 %
pa_viscosity-40c32.3 cSt
pa_viscosity-100f160 SUS