MONROE CUT 100 CF is a cutting oil designed for use in screw machine applications or other machining applications that require the use of neat cutting oils. Monroe Cut 100 CF is chlorine and sulfur free allowing it to be used on a variety of metals including steel, aluminum and brass. MONROE CUT 100 CF is formulated using additives to provide a clean and efficient operating environment, compared to traditional sulfurized cutting oils.


MONROE CUT 100 CF can be used for centerless grinding, form grinding, creep feed grinding, plunge grinding, belt grinding and flute grinding. MONROE CUT 100 CF can also be used for light machining operations.

Features & Benefits

  • Low Odor
  • Outstanding Lubricity for Superior Finishes
  • Low Smoke
  • Operator Friendly and Clean Running
  • Compatible with all Materials
  • Exceptional Cleanliness for Visibility
  • Recommended for Screw Machines
Product Data Sheet