ASTRO-KOTE PM is a synthetic water based rust inhibitor for in-plant rust protection on ferrous alloys and was designed to prevent rust on pressed metal parts between processing operations. It can also be used in the final rinse after soak, spray or barrel tumbling operations. This product does not leave any oily films and contains no solvents. ASTRO-KOTE PM may be used as a supplementary rust inhibitor for use in water soluble metalworking fluids such as aqueous cleaners. It contains wetting agents which facilitate penetration into pressed metal parts either before or after sintering. ASTRO-KOTE PM is ashless and will not leave residues when parts are heat treated or sintered.


ASTRO-KOTE PM may be used on in-plant and inter-plant shipments of work-in-progress and finished goods and may be applied by dip tank, spray or other convenient method.

Features & Benefits

  • Does Not Contain Petroleum Oil or Solvent
  • Coats Evenly Over Metal Surfaces
  • Non-Flammable
  • Long Lasting
Product Data Sheet