ASTRO-KOTE LDP is a low-viscosity water-displacing lubricant and rust preventative designed to protect ferrous materials from rust. ASTRO-KOTE LDP is intended to be used as received. It is not to be mixed with water. This versatile product may be used to protect castings, cast iron, steels and packaged parts from rust.


ASTRO-KOTE LDP may be applied by immersion, flooding, swabbing or other suitable method.

Features & Benefits

  • Loosens and lubricates rusted parts
  • Dries to Slight Oily Film That Is Easily Removed
  • Displaces water and moisture quickly
  • Higher Flash Point Reduces VOCs and Handling Concerns
  • Penetrates and protects parts from rust
  • Neutralizes Fingerprints
  • Provides Up To One Year Indoor Parts Protection
  • Mild Scent, Operator Friendly
Product Data Sheet