ASTRO-CUT BCL-HW is a heavy duty BIOSTABLE semi-synthetic general purpose metalworking coolant containing approximately 20% mineral oil. This product, when diluted with water, forms a translucent amber emulsion which offers excellent workpiece visibility, good lubricity, and superior cooling. ASTRO-CUT BCL-HW is designed for the machining and grinding of virtually all metals, except magnesium, and contains chlorine as an extreme pressure additive for greater lubricity. ASTRO-CUT BCL HW incorporates unique additives to prevent the formation of hard water soaps in systems with extremely hard water.


ASTRO-CUT BCL-HW is designed for use in metal removal operations such as all CNC milling, turning, drilling, tapping, and grinding. ASTRO-CUT BCL-HW is also excellent on conventional machining processes and sawing applications.
Product Data Sheet