Metalworking Coolants

This is a complete line of water dilutable metalworking coolants. This includes synthetic, semi-synthetic, micro-emulsion and soluble oil emulsion technologies. These are capable of grinding and machining ferrous and non-ferrous metals including cast iron, aluminum and stainless steel.

Greater than 30% mineral oil and no water in concentrate. Dilution appears milky and not translucent.

More economical than straight or neat oils; dilution with water lowers cost without sacrificing a great deal of tooling effectiveness. • Soluble oils cool 2 to 3 times better than straight oils. • Emulsions of soluble oils are very versatile and can be used in most machining and grinding applications on a wide variety of materials. • Soluble oils have better health and safety aspects with respect to the shop environment vs. straight oils; no fire hazard, reduced oil misting and fogging. • Of all the water extendible metal removal fluids, soluble oils are the most forgiving of concentration fluctuations and poor management . • Residues created by soluble oils are generally oily and not sticky.

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