Paying It Forward


Our distribution and application partner, Brad Thompson of Dura-Crust is a busy guy. When he’s not selling or consulting applications of dust control products, he leads a charity supporting those in need. Monroe Fluid Technology is proud to be associated with people like Brad who PAY IT FORWARD.

Brad is the chairman of God’s Garage. “God’s Garage is a ministry reflecting God’s love. We are a group of people who want to help others by being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. Our organization was born out of the needs we saw around us, as some single mothers, widows and wives of deployed military in our community were struggling to make ends meet.

One of the ways that we help these under resourced ladies is by stepping in and making necessary repairs to their vehicles. We do not charge anything for labor, and we try to help with parts as we can. We also help those who need a dependable car but are not in a financial position to be able to purchase one, by gifting vehicles for free.

Through donated vehicles and auto parts, financial contributions and thousands of volunteer hours each year, we are able to bridge troubled times in so many of these ladies’ lives. We are endeavoring to meet physical needs of transportation, spiritual needs of guidance, and even financial needs by providing life skills to help with budgeting, career resources and more for those who are waiting to receive auto repairs or a vehicle from God’s Garage.”

The charity just opened a new facility, see the reveal here.

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