Micro-Emulsion Metalworking Fluids

Micro-Emulsion metalworking fluids are a class of semi-synthetic metalworking fluids formulated to gain the benefits of the cooling properties of synthetics and the lubricity of soluble oil in coolants.  The chemistry provides very small droplet sizes of the oil which provides great lubricity in medium to heavy duty machining on materials such as stainless steel.

These fluids are very versatile across a wide variety of materials and due to the high water content provide excellent cooling properties.  The small oil droplet size allows for efficient lubrication at the workpiece-tool interface.  We offer different formulations depending on specific applications, some with extreme duty additives, all are bio-stable for long sump life, and they are low foaming.

Our customers have had great results machining aluminum and stainless steels using our micro-emulsions.  If you would like to get more information or arrange for a free trial, just let us know. On our products page, you can see the different formulations, labeled as “Astro-Cut Micro….”