Ideas to Consider to Save Money on Coolant

Considering the world oil market and the upward pressure in prices across the entire supply chain, it is important to review and utilize cost control and cost-saving methods wherever possible in our metalworking coolant management practices and purchasing.
  • Regular monitoring of coolant concentration should be a TOP priority
  • Coolant Quality Lab Analysis (Free Service) is a weekly habit
  • Set up a Sump Top Off Coolant Station to prevent ‘over’ dosing of expensive concentrates
  • Removal of Tramp Oil with a Skimmer System or Shop Vac
  • Removal of Chips and Swarf from sump on a regular basis
  • Use of a filter system
  • Consult with your coolant supplier on coolant choice for your application
  • Review purchase pattern and volume to determine if their are volume or package size changes you could make to get better pricing or save money on freight

Keep in mind, changing out coolant incurs two expenses: the cost of charging the cnc with new coolant (and the cleaning process) and calling in your disposal company to come and take away that old coolant.

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