Focus on Sustainability: We Will Never Run out of Business Cards Again


Monroe has made the commitment to reduce our carbon footprint; some things will be on a large scale, some small, but they all add up.

We are now carrying ONE plastic card instead of paper cards.

  • You can share contact info by tapping an iPhone or Android Phone with the card
  • Updatable at any time through an APP
  • Can be customized (as you can see)
  • Web sites and important links can be added to the card
  • Will last as long as you don’t run it through a shredder
  • Saves trees
  • Reduces chemicals used in processing/printing
  • Same size and thickness of credit card

It’s a small step.  But it makes sense.

We don’t sell the cards. If you want to check the company out that makes them go to We will be sharing our progress on increasing sustainability from time to time. If you have suggestions on changes that have worked for you, please let us know. We all need to reduce and save.

And remember, all of our documentation is available in digital form at