Extend Coolant Life: MCE Microbial Dip Slides

Author: Jessica Reynolds

The pandemic has created many types of supply chain issues that we have to contend with. On the manufacturing side, we are now facing huge price increases in oil, additives, shipping costs and sometimes the unavailability of your suppliers to support your manufacturing needs in a timely manner. MCE stocks a variety of microbial dip slides and we have been shipping them globally since 1974. Our Easicult Dip Slides and MCE Dip slides are stocked in two locations in the US. We have products made in the USA and Europe. Orders are processed the same day to insure as prompt a delivery as our shippers can provide.

If you are using water-based metalworking fluids (coolants), there is a cost- effective method to extend fluid life and ensure its peak performance. Microbial dip slides are the first line of defense against the dreaded microbial issues that plague many manufacturers and machine shop fluid systems. Rather than use an expensive lab or guess how to deal with fluid issues, MCE dip slides measure a range of contamination. The cost per test ranges from $3.50 to $6.00. Results are in 30 hours to 72 hours, which allows for a faster response if needed. The dip slides can detect bacteria, yeast, mold and fungal activity by an operator or manager in the plant.

A program integrating MCE Dip Slides could potentially save your plant thousands of dollars in replacing or changing out fluids. Extending the life of your fluids is a direct cost saver and using MCE microbial dip slides can help. Please view our products and order site at metalchem.com