Education in Sustainability

Typically, sustainability is viewed in terms of taking actions to mitigate the impact of our economy and industries in terms of reducing negative effects on the environment. Whether it is a 4-year college program or a degree from our trade/technical colleges, education is an often overlooked factor in sustainability.

Education allows people to gain skills, knowledge and values to live more sustainably. It promotes economic development and helps alleviate poverty. Education also promotes more environmental awareness and new ideas in multiple disciplines to contribute to a better environment for all. Providing education/training can raise awareness of environmental impacts of economic activity, encourage new industrial development and methods and result in alleviating poverty and the lack of opportunities for those living below the poverty line.

Monroe Fluid Technology & Sustainability

Monroe Fluid Technology has taken real action on sustainability. Our Climate Neutral designation and the resulting investment in clean energy and reforestation projects in developing countries is just a part of our overall efforts. Our Monroe Fluid Technology EDU program providing free products, shipping and support is our commitment to sustainability in our schools and students involved in the metalworking industry.