Brix Calculator  Time = $

There are many factors involved in selecting the fluids for your metalworking application. The right chemistry of the fluid, water quality, tooling, delivery pressure of the fluid, the alloy you are machining are just a few. Whether you choose Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic or Soluble Oil, concentration is the key. After making your product selection and run successful trials, don’t waste that effort and investment. The simple use of a refractometer to check concentration levels is essential to continued success and saving money. The single most common thread to performance problems is coolant concentration. Old-timers tell you they can tell from feel or look. Many operators add water to a low sump, or straight concentrate while they may be well-intended solutions to a low sump condition, they are not the correct method. Training operators or maintenance teams to use a refractometer correctly & often will result in consistent coolant quality. Handheld Refractometers range in price from under $100 (Manual) to approx. $400 (Digital).

Steps to determine correct % concentration:

  1. Take Brix Reading with Refractometer
  2. Click on BRIX Calculator on top right of header
  3. Choose product
  4. Enter Brix #
  5. Results as a percentage pop up.
Brix Calculator