HD WAYLUBE 68 is a specifically formulated product developed for lubrication of machine tool ways and slides. HD WAYLUBE 68 eliminates stick-slip or table chatter by reducing friction between mating surfaces and provide superior film strength and excellent EP protection to ways under heavy loads.


HD WAYLUBE 68 is an effective lubricant for all machine applications where ways are present, regardless of load. This includes slideways, vertical or horizontal, on various machining tools including milling & screw machines, planers, shapers, drills and lathers. Also used for air-operated hammers, breakers, and rock drills. HD WAYLUBE 68 is suitable as an EP lubricant where moderately loaded industrial gear boxes require tacky gear oil with mild EP properties and can be used as combination oils (waylube, gear oil, and hydraulic fluid) when the lubrication system has a common reservoir and hydraulic pressure remains under 1000 psi.

Features & Benefits

HD WAYLUBE 68 has metal wetting and adhesive agents that enables it to form uniform films that resist squeezing from way surfaces while the machine is not in operation. By preventing stick-slip, the wear of way surfaces is minimized, and their service life is greatly extended. The oil is also designed with additives to prevent the mixing of the product with water-based coolants.
Product Data Sheet