DEFOAMER MS-D is a high performance antifoam agent designed for tankside addition in
metalworking fluid systems.

Product Data Sheet

Features & Benefits

DEFOAMER MS-D is completely water-dispersible and will not adhere to metal surfaces. The use of this product will not impair subsequent finishing operations such as painting or plating


Add between 1 and 2 fluid ounces DEFOAMER MS-D for each 100 gallons of fluid in system. For best results, dilute into 1 pint of water before adding to sump. Add slowly into an area of high coolant flow for best dispersion.

Typical Properties

Appearance-ConcentrateTranslucent, off-white liquid
pa_odorEssentially odorless
Specific Gravity @ 60°F1.03 - 1.07
Lbs/Gallon8.5 - 9.0
Flash point, PMCC204