How To Reduce Carbon Footprint of Coolants

We Invest in Carbon Offsets

We rely on petroleum bases for many of our products.  That reliance presents a challenge when we study methods to mitigate our carbon footprint.

As posted earlier in this blog section, we have invested in carbon offsets which invest in projects involving clean energy and reforestation of areas in developing countries.

Petroleum-Based Products

Any petroleum-based products present unique challenges in trying to be effective stewards of the environment. Our XBP products are designed for long sump life.

Proper use and maintenance of our coolants contribute to reductions in packaging needs, disposal, and transportation costs all of which have a direct and indirect impact on our environment. Fewer change-outs reduce the amount of waste coolant and our XBP products do not need tank-side additives.

Spent coolant can’t be “Green” but we can reduce the carbon footprint of coolants by using long-lasting products and reducing the carbon footprint of the entire process along the supply chain.  Reduced costs, reduced packaging, reduced transportation, and disposal costs all contribute to a better environment.

Our Commitment

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