Monroe Hone 15 SF

Monroe Hone 15 SF

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MONROE HONE 15-SF is a high performance straight oil recommended for a variety of metal honing, cutting and forming operations. MONROE HONE 15-SF is a light colored product; this helps facilitate visual inspection of the work piece during machining operations. The MONROE HONE 15-SF is formulated with high quality base stock and additives resulting in a lower odor product when compared to similarly compounded products.


MONROE HONE 15-SF can be used for honing, machining and many grinding operations on ferrous and nonferrous material.

Features Benefits

· Low Odor
· Outstanding Lubricity for Superior Finishes
· Low Smoke
· Operator Friendly and Clean Running
· Compatible with all Materials
· Exceptional Cleanliness for Visibility

Typical Properties

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