GlasGrind 100

GlasGrind 100

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GLASGRIND 100 is an oil free, grinding fluid concentrate containing wetting agents for superior cooling and corrosion inhibitors for in-process rust protection of machine tools and metal parts. When diluted for use, GLASGRIND 100 provides a stable, effective medium for abrasive working of glass and all vitreous materials. GLASGRIND 100 contains a polymer which causes fines to agglomerate and settle rapidly rather than recirculate through the grinding zone. This polymer causes the fines to settle in a soft, easily removed slurry.


GLASGRIND 100 can be used for sawing, drilling, edging, beveling, scratch removal and other abrasive working of glass, plastic, quartz, silica, heat resistant glasses and ceramics. GLASGRIND 100 is compatible with diamond and all other abrasives.

Features Benefits

· Excellent Cooling Function
· Mild Pleasant Odor
· Excellent Corrosion Inhibition
· Long Sump Life
· Allows Soft Settling of Swarf
· Economical
· Oil Free - Minimal Disposal Costs
· Non-Foaming


Typical Properties

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