Astro-Cut TS Aero

Astro-Cut TS Aero

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Astro-Cut TS Aero is a heavy duty mineral oil based BIOSTABLE micro-emulsion concentrate designed for the machining and grinding of virtually all metals except magnesium. This chlorine-free formulation is especially suited for aerospace and other applications which restrict the use of chlorine. Astro-Cut TS Aero has good foam control and was designed using raw materials that have the ability to resist extreme biological degradation, thus providing very long sump life in a properly maintained machine tool.


Astro-Cut TS Aero is designed for use in metalworking applications such as all CNC milling, turning, drilling, tapping, grinding and sawing applications.

Features Benefits

· Eliminates Need for Tankside Additives
· Clean Running
· Low Foaming
· Chlorine and Sulfur Free
· Good Workpiece Visibility
· Reduced Overall Cost
· Superior Lubricity
· Excellent Corrosion Inhibition


When mixing coolant, it is best to use an automatic proportioner which accurately and thoroughly mixes coolant. To maintain recommended concentration make-up should be added at one-half of the desired concentration.

Typical Properties

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