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ASTRO-CUT SYN EAF is a heavy-duty oil-free synthetic cutting and grinding fluid concentrate manufactured without the use of ethanolamines and designed to offer good lubricity and excellent corrosion control on operations that require an amine-free product or because of waste stream restrictions on amines. This product may be used on a variety of metals, including steels, cast iron and aluminum; in operations ranging from grinding to turning to milling.


ASTRO-CUT SYN EAF has been designed for machining most metals except magnesium. Operations involving the grinding of coated parts or other areas where amines may be detrimental are particularly suited for this product. NOTE: Since this product is completely oil-free, it may be used in most coolant mist units.

Features Benefits

· Excellent Corrosion Inhibition
· Nitrite-Free
· Ethanolamine-Free
· Phenol-Free
· Very Low Foam – Excellent on High Pressure or High Speed Machining
· Excellent Cooling for Ability to Maintain Close Tolerances
· Tolerant of Hard Water
· Resistant to Damage from Tramp Oil
· Water Extendable- Economical
· Long Tank Life


When mixing coolant, it is best to use an automatic proportioner which accurately and thoroughly mixes coolant. To maintain proper concentration, make-up should be added at one-half of the desired concentration.

Typical Properties

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