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ASTRO-CUT MICRO XL is a heavy duty mineral oil based BIOSTABLE micro-emulsion concentrate designed specifically to address the challenges of machining and grinding aluminum and aluminum alloys, although it may be used to machine virtually all metals except magnesium. This chlorine-free formulation is especially suited for aerospace and other applications which restrict the use of chlorine. ASTRO-CUT MICRO XL has exceptional foam control for high pressure operations and was designed using raw materials that have the ability to resist extreme biological degradation, thus providing very long sump life in a properly maintained machine tool


ASTRO-CUT MICRO XL is designed for use in metalworking applications such as all CNC milling, turning, drilling, tapping, grinding and sawing applications.

Features Benefits

· Eliminates Need for Tankside Additives
· Clean Running
· Very Low Foaming
· Chlorine and Sulfur Free
· Good Workpiece Visibility
· Reduced Overall Cost
· Superior Lubricity
· Excellent Corrosion Inhibition


When mixing coolant, it is best to use an automatic proportioner which accurately and thoroughly mixes coolant.To maintain recommended concentration, make-up should be added at one-half of the desired concentration.

Typical Properties

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