Astro-Cut HD XBP

Astro-Cut HD XBP

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ASTRO-CUT HD XBP is a heavy duty BIOSTABLE semi-synthetic high pressure metalworking coolant. ASTRO-CUT HD XBP combines the superior chemical flexibility of synthetics with mineral oil and a chlorinated extreme-pressure additive. ASTRO-CUT HD XBP has exceptional foam control, hard water stability and tramp oil rejection. It provides outstanding extreme-pressure lubricity for machining and grinding virtually all metals, particularly Aluminum, Stainless Steels and other hard to machine alloys. ASTRO-CUT HD XBP is not recommended for use on Magnesium. ASTRO-CUT HD XBP is does not contain DCHA.


ASTRO-CUT HD XBP is designed for use in high and low pressure metal removal operations such as all CNC milling, turning, drilling, tapping, grinding and sawing.


When mixing coolant, it is best to use an automatic proportioner which accurately and thoroughly mixes coolant. To maintain recommended concentration, make-up or top-off should be added at one-half of the desired concentration. Never add concentrate directly to the machine; this could cause inverted emulsions.

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