Astro-Clean A

Astro-Clean A

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ASTRO-CLEAN A is a low foam alkaline cleaner designed to remove process oils, gummy deposits of oil, grease, swarf and normal shop soils from machine tools, floors, and other hard surfaces. It combines organic and mineral alkalinity builders, detergents, water conditioners and deodorizer for optimum performance.


The primary application of ASTRO-CLEAN A is for cleaning machine tool coolant sumps and surfaces. It may also be used for general cleaning with mop and bucket, auto scrubber or spray washer.


Directions for Use 1. Drain sump or system as completely as possible, removing any solids. 2. Add 1 gallon of ASTRO-CLEAN A for each 20 gallons of coolant capacity, fill sump with water to normal operating level and circulate for a period of at least 4 hours. 3. While cleaner is circulating, use a rag or brush to remove stubborn deposits on machine surfaces and in coolant troughs. Allow fluid to wash material into the sump. 4. Remove cleaner and all solids from the sump, then fill sump to normal operating level with water, add 1 gallon of ASTRO-CLEAN A for each 100 gallons of water and circulate for at least 1/2 hour. 5. Remove fluid from the sump and immediately recharge machine with the appropriate amount of metalworking fluid at the correct dilution; circulate for at least 1/2 hour to protect against corrosion. ALTERNATE SUMP CLEANING PROCEDURE (For minimal loss of productivity) 1. Add cleaner directly into present coolant at a rate of 2-4% by volume, then run production for 1-2 shifts. 2. Remove coolant/cleaner mixture and any chips, fill sump with enough water to circulate through pump and lines. 3.Remove rinse water and immediately recharge with fresh coolant at the correct dilution.

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